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Notice: If your unit has not yet migrated to Scoutbook, please know that Internet Advancement will no longer be available by early 2019.

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Internet Advancement

Internet Advancement is the process that Scouting units record and track advancement ranks and awards for their youth. This process can be done from any Internet-connected computer at any time.

Use Internet Advancement for the following:

  • Add ranks, merit badges, and awards for your youth members
  • Update information on existing advancements and awards (excepting the Eagle Scout rank)
  • Print unit rosters, advancement summary reports, and even temporary membership cards
  • Obtain 'Person ID' number for your leaders, allowing them to complete online training courses.

Ranks must be recorded based on program identification (Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturing) and in the correct rank and date sequence. Only the Eagle Scout rank cannot be awarded by this process. The Eagle Scout rank will still follow the current procedure. Awards to be entered will not include nominated awards, such as those for meritorious action, and awards that are controlled by other organizations, even if approved for uniform wear.

To Begin Using Internet Advancement

  1. The supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11.
    1. If using IE10, change browser settings to Compability Mode. To do so, go to the tool bar at the top of the page, select "Tools", then choose "Compability View Settings" from the list.
  2. Select an advancement processor. Preferably, this could be your Committee Member responsible for advancement.
  3. Review the online training and/or attend a district-level training session.  
  4. Obtain your unit's Unit Login ID code from the council. Send an email request to help@utahscouts.org. Include your name, phone number, email address and unit # and unit type (Pack, Troop, Team or Crew). After your request is processed, you will receive an email with the Internet Advancement ID code for your unit.
  5. Gather information for advancement, including merit badge advancement records with dates. If you are using PackMaster, TroopMaster, Rank N'File, Scoutmate or ScoutSoft, you may simply create an export file for upload.
  6. Click the Internet Advancement button below which will take you to the national Internet Advancement portal website. We suggest that you "bookmark" the page to return later.

The first time you log into the advancement system, we strongly suggest that you compare the recorded advancements against your records. If your records include advancements that are not recorded, please record them.

After submitting advancements, please make sure that you:

  • Print the Unit Advancement Report from Internet Advancement (you may also want to print a copy for your records)
  • Have the appropriate people sign the printed Unit Advancement Report
  • Pick up your advancements and recognitions. When doing so, the Scout Shop will collect the Unit Advancement Report.

Units should submit this report monthly before the end of each month, or more often if needed.

Help Information

Anyone may learn more about Internet Advancement by reading the online Internet Advancement Help information. Click the button below to access the online help. If you have any additional questions, you may send an email to help@utahscouts.org. We will respond via email with the information you requested. Alternatively, you may call 801-437-6222  during normal office hours.